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About us

On Charlie Drew Cancun & Riviera Maya Activities, we have been serving visitors to our area since 1998. Our aim is to offer good quality bus tours and other activities at more moderate costs than most travel agents offer to tourists.

How can we do this you may be asking? Simple, we at Charlie Drew Cancun & Riviera Maya activities work on a lower commission basis. We can charge less than if you even go directly to the bus company, marina or other activity since the cost to tourists include the normal 20 to 25%commission that businesses must pay to Cancun travel agents and hotel representatives!


The current price from hotel and travel agents for the daily bus tour to the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza is from $72 to $106 U.S. dollars per adult. Here at Charlie Drew Cancun & Riviera Maya Activities the price is $49 U.S. dollars per person!!!

The average price of the Jungle Snorkel Tours from travel agents and at the marinas is for adults $66 USD plus $5 USD ecology tax. Our adult price is only $39 USD plus $5 USD ecology tax!!! Why pay more?